Thesis Updates!

My thesis adviser already warned me. She gave me a warning and I did not listen. She already told me that I would not be able to finish my thesis because I was enrolled into too many subjects last semester (I overloaded, which I would never do again). Deadlines and other course requirements left me no time to write my thesis.

Thus, I enrolled again this midyear–13 June 2017 to 15 July 2017. I only have 25 days to create a thesis proposal because I was officially enrolled on 21 July. I know. 25 days. Cry with me.

Still, I am believing and trusting the Lord that I can do this through Him because I already have 8 hours a day to work on my beloved thesis. (Please do not distract me Happy Sandwich Cafe).

So for the duration of my #ThesisIt moments, I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that I can have additional sprinkles of illusions of productivity (which I think sometimes still renders meaningless because I rant on Instagram Story).