I am part of a book project!

I struggled a lot with writing this semester. I submitted late outputs in my literature class. It took days for me to write a one-page scientific paper (when before, it can be crammed in one night like a badass). There was even one subject where I failed to pass a paper because of my horrific writer’s block (I passed the subject, don’t you worry). I even took a break from writing scripts for Okiddo because ideas just simply, frustratingly wouldn’t come.

I wanted to step outside the dark zone that I was relieved when a fellow writer shared a Writing for Kids seminar with my favorite local children’s book author, Grace Chong, on Facebook. Signing up for the seminar was a big decision because you would commit to write at least five pieces/articles for a book to be launched at next year’s Manila International Book Fair. The book would be published under OMF Literature.

I was not expecting that much. I was not even expecting to get published. I just wanted an extra boost, probably a few friendly tips here and there so that I could get back to my zone. I wanted so bad to get out of the dark writer’s block pit that I was in. I wanted to string words again, so that I could be a voice for the kids again.

And so, I braved Cubao alone (with a little help from Google Maps), not even knowing where the event was.

I was sweaty from all the travelling, I was late, and I was the only student amidst a group of 15 (or so) experienced, eloquent, talented adults. Some were even published already.

But I remained brave. I kept telling myself, “Remember. You have to get rid of your writer’s block.” But I was up for a surprise when Grace Chong went into Paul Washer mode (writer style) and repeatedly said:

There is no such thing as a writer’s block! I repeat, there is no such thing as a writer’s block.

PREACH. I was rebuked. She continued, saying that even the great poets could not fully describe the numerous, indescribable creations of God. So how can I, a mere mortal complain, “There’s nothing to write about”? There are hundreds, thousands, millions of things to write about.

From a mediocre, selfish standpoint of just wanting to write again, I was suddenly transported into this idea that hey, I could also get published. I could also share my experiences on ministering and writing for kids. I could also help in the cause of raising up budding advocates for children. I am not too young or too inexperienced to have a voice and also share my passion of writing for the kids.

And this project was also the reason why this blog was resurrected from the grave. I need to write MORE and I hope that this blogging thing would help me in the process of this book project.

But still, ultimately, knowledge comes from the Lord. As He promised in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

For the past semester, maybe I haven’t been seeking help from God. I was too busy being frustrated over myself, being stressed over deadlines, that I forgot to trust that He is the source of overflowing knowledge. I am grateful and humbled that He taught me this lesson this week.

Thank You Father for remembering that You have a daughter who badly wants to write. And thank You for letting her find the joy in writing again and even leading her to new opportunities. You are a good Father!



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