Think of Happy Thoughts

I’ve been feeling really stressed these days. Missed deadlines. Missed quizzes. Failed exams. Allowance shortages. Unpaid bills. Irritating schoolmates. I just cant help but to succumb to weakness and hopelessness whenever I try to think of all these things that bother me. Sometimes, I feel as if the whole world is upon my shoulders and I can’t do anything about it.

But I can do something about it. Our problems, our fears, our doubts.

In our CMSC2 (Introduction to the Internet) class, our professor made us think of the greatest problem we faced, or a scary experience, and asked us to write it on a piece of paper. On the back side of the paper,we were tasked to put what we had learned about this experience. (Yes, I know that our CMSC2 class looked like some sort of self-discovery class haha) Anyway, I wrote an experience when I was only 7 years old and my aunt locked me in a dark, unused comfort room filled with bugs, and cockroaches and other gross stuff a 7 year old wouldn’t want to see. Why was I even locked in the first place? Well, I made my younger brother eat chili. What? I was curious why they wouldn’t let us eat chili! I had no idea why I put that in my paper. Nevertheless, it was a scary and a crazy experience. I was only seven that time. That 7-year old experience made me realize that I should never force chili on someone. (That’s what I wrote on the back of my paper) And as I continue to grow up, I developed more fears and more experiences. As I grew up, I gained different perspectives that changed me as a person. That experience I had 8 years ago, was nothing compared to what I have now or to the experiences that I will have in the future. But these experiences, these fears and these doubts will transform us into better people. We might not know it, but these things help us look beyond ourselves and make us realize what we’re lacking.

Maybe that failed Math exam’s telling you to “Study harder” or that painful heartbreak’s telling you, “He’s/She’s not the right one for you” or whatever circumstance you’re facing right now, maybe it’s telling you to “Do better.”

Failing hurts and failing is hard to accept. Fears, well, they are scary. And problems, well sometimes we don’t want to do anything about them. But why don’t we just try to sit down, relax and think of how these failures will transform us into better people. After all, everything happens for a reason.


One thought on “Think of Happy Thoughts

  1. Anxiety is difficult to deal with! Great lesson in the end, everything happens for a reason. That’s more or less the theme of my blog if you’re interested in looking.

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