Don’t forget to write!


Wow! So I have been neglecting this blog for pretty much for a long time already. I don’t remember the last time I blogged–both on wordpress and tumblr–and I’m too lazy to even check the dates on my blog posts. I became too busy or too preoccupied with my college exams that I don’t even set some time aside to write. I’ve been pretty much avoiding my “love affair” and I miss her.

I attended several writing workshops for the past few weeks and I have to say it brought me back to my craft. It also helped me find my writing voice and the reassurance that I am, indeed, a writer. I realized it was wrong of me to always put “aspiring” or “soon-to-be” titles before the word “writer” in my descriptions when I am really a writer the first time I said “I want to write”.

So I have decided to come, running and panting, back to my first love, try hard to search for my muse and just, write. Write not because I want to be heard, but because I have something to say as a writer. I don’t know if it’s mere coincidence that the speakers were very much persistent on the ”Write everyday” rule. Haha. Even my past English 1 lessons were all about “feed your muse and write everyday” reminders. They are strict and even when indolence strikes, I now carry a journal with me everyday whenever creative juices would try to leak from my brain. So now I am desperately trying to set aside my perfectionist’s schemes to not correct my drafts or my pre-writing process.

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